Today I am thankful for: Grace. I am so humbled by how much Jesus loves me and I can't believe He still does even when I am how I am. I have had such a bad attitude lately. Mean to my kids, my husband, my family. I have so many mixed emotions and sometimes it is all so overwhelming. I take out way to much stress on my husband. I feel so convicted but keep doing it. Why is that? He, who loves me so much. Why would I do that to him? I love him so much and I am shown such unconditional love, even though he has every right to treat me the same way that I treat him. Yet he treats me with love and kindness and is so very good to me. I am Blessed. And I am amazed. ...and then HE gets a hold of my heart and I can't help but wonder why HE loves me so... and then I find forgiveness... and Grace. Matchless Grace. Thank You, Jesus. I love you.

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Becky C said...

You know, God is so good to gently show us where we fall short sometimes with our family. Instead of feeling guilty or wishing for a "do-over", just move on- given the same situation, we'll do better next time. He's not a second chance God, but 70x7, right? Girl, I'm right there with you! It's so hard to be a mom, wife, friend, mentor, listener, daughter, and house-keeper; sometimes the load itself is overwhelming. Us moms must stick together and pray for each other. Glad I found you!
Love your blog.
Becky C
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