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I am so very Thankful for God and all He has done for me in this life of mine. Thankful for the Man I have been given to share forever with... the children I have born... so many things. Thank you, Lord. I love you.


Revive Us

Just sitting here thinking about the message I heard at church this morning. Brian Beavers is the Preacher's name. He is absolutely a BLESSING! God speaks so much through him and I am so glad he came to speak Revival to our hearts! Everyone needs revival! Thank you, Lord! I love you. http://www.beaconministriesonline.org/index.htm Check it out and be BLESSED!



Today I am thankful for: Grace. I am so humbled by how much Jesus loves me and I can't believe He still does even when I am how I am. I have had such a bad attitude lately. Mean to my kids, my husband, my family. I have so many mixed emotions and sometimes it is all so overwhelming. I take out way to much stress on my husband. I feel so convicted but keep doing it. Why is that? He, who loves me so much. Why would I do that to him? I love him so much and I am shown such unconditional love, even though he has every right to treat me the same way that I treat him. Yet he treats me with love and kindness and is so very good to me. I am Blessed. And I am amazed. ...and then HE gets a hold of my heart and I can't help but wonder why HE loves me so... and then I find forgiveness... and Grace. Matchless Grace. Thank You, Jesus. I love you.



Not much is going on today. I am just hangin' out with my 2 guys right now and thinking of my 2 girls. I miss them so much and can't wait to pick them up from camp tomorrow. They have been there since Sunday. It will be nice to have them home.
Our garden is doing quite nicely and I can't wait to harvest God's provision. I don't know why I didn't have one until now...
We are looking forward to spending days together doing nothing, going to the pool and just loving each other. I really want to visit some family soon and am excited about seeing them! :)
I hope you are having a blessed summer... and that you enjoy doing lots of nothing like we are.