Howdy Y'all

Hi! I just realized I haven't written anything on here lately and figured I would update you on our lives over the past few weeks. Travis came down on orders to Ft. Riley but is trying to get them deleted.....God willing. He is working at the Air Force hospital here now running the Oncology/Hematology Clinic. The kids are doing well. Charity broke her wrist a couple weeks ago at school falling off of the monkey bars. She has had her cast on for a week now and has 2 more to go. Hannah is doing well and has been playing basketball at church for the past couple months and her last game is tomorrow. She enjoys it very much and has gotten quite good at playing this year. Justin is also playing basketball and enjoys it but says he wants to play baseball now.........we shall see. I have been trying to establish my business and grow it as well as thinking of going back to school. I almost started last Fall but life kinda took over and I didn't register soon enough for classes. So we'll see about it again and hopefully I can do it this year. We are hoping that Spring will come quickly and the weather will make up it's mind about whether to stay warm or not. I would like to keep my capri's out for good........;) We have Bible study tonight with a few of our Army friends so I must go to prepare dinner. I hope everyone is doing well. I will write again soon.....hopefully! Take care!

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