February at a glance.......

Well here we are into February already. We are busy with birthdays and our anniversary is also this month.....10 years! Time flies when you're havin' fun doesn't it? We just celebrated Hannah's birthday and mine is next, then Charity's....she will be a very big 7! I cannot believe that I don't have any babies! It is a very different way of life that's for sure. I haven't decided if we are done or not though; to say I am is so final it seems and I just can't bring myself to do it! Anyway......... I hope everyone is doing well. We are battling the cold and flu here. It has been bad lately and seems like it doesn't want to go away. We all have had some form of it and I am quite ready to see it leave! Hopefully it will start getting warmer and things will get better. After all it is 78 here today! Well, I will see you later....I am having my mom out on Thursday this week so I don't know when I will be back but I am eager to put up some pictures so hopefully it will be soon. Everyone take care! Blessings, Jenn

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The Murray's said...

Hey Jen! Wow 10 years, thats great! I can't believe how big the kids are. I sent you an email with my new blog in it. I watch your blog all the time to see what you guys are up to. I thought it was a great idea so I started one of my own.
Take care,