School days

Hi.... Well today I started walking. I went 2 miles. Please PRAY that I keep this up. It seems like I start something but then I never keep it up....... The kids are doing good in school. Justin wanted to walk to school today so he could meet his friend Brad for breakfast. Getting his wings..... The girls are doing good. There is a friend of Charity's that she saw at her school yesterday that she went to school with at her old school. She prayed over the summer that this friend, Krista, would be there because the little girl had told her last year she would be going on post. Answers to prayer are such a blessing, and a proof for Charity as well that God does hear us and answers our prayers! Hannah is enjoying school, as much as she can I think.....She has been struggling a bit the last couple days with a headache though. I think she overworks herself and isn't drinking enough water, hopefully that's all it is. Pray for her please. We love you all.....Talk to you soon. Jenn

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Your family seems to be doing so well- so grown up! I'll be praying for you and Hannah. Love to you all, Paula